Travel Copywriter

I’m an engaging travel and hotel copywriter in Seattle, adept at invoking wanderlust in anyone who reads my copy. As lead writer and owner of Hospitality Content Studio, I produce riveting content that entices travelers for hotels, resorts, travel agencies, tour companies, spas, attractions, and tourism bureaus.

My background includes several years in destination marketing at the San Diego Tourism Authority, copywriting for hotel management and marketing agencies, and a decade of creating content for print, TV, radio and the Web.

To top it off, I’m an enthusiastic globetrekker. My luggage wheels have tracked its way from the cobblestone streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia to the pristine mountains of Whistler, B.C.

I enjoy monitoring the marketing efforts of hotels, tourism bureaus and other travel businesses all over the globe. When I’m not penning persuading copy for my amazing clients, I participate in industry associations, including HSMAI and MPI. You’ll find my weekly insights on marketing to meeting planners featured in the popular Cvent Hospitality Blog.